Chactun – New discovery of a lost Maya city

Chactun –  New discovery of a lost Maya city – Amazing Temples and Pyramids – 2013/07/03

This is just a short post: After 1000 years hidden in the forest a new finding of a Maya site – named Chactun, was published by the Mexican institute for archaeology INAH 2 days ago.

Chactun is located in the Mexican state of Campeche on the Peninsula Yucatán. During the last months the site was measured by scientists. They named the site Chactun according to an inscription. Chactun means “red stone” in Mayan language.

Several pyramids and long buildings like palaces where detected. On one of the stelae the archaeologists found the name of the ruler K’inich B’ahlam carved to the stone. The age of the site is dated back to 600 AC.

The examination was done by an international archaeological team guided by Ivan Sprajc from Slovenia.

The INHA released the following video on Youtube.

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Official announcement:

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Book in German Language:
Verschollene Städte – Archäologische Abenteur im Land der Maya – Ivan Sprajc

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