4000 years old pyramid destroyed in Peru – pyramid destruction

In the news: I thought I should share this before I publish my next post: A second time within a short period a archaeological site in America was damaged. Some developers destroyed a more than 4000 years old pyramid of the El Paraiso site near Lima in Peru.

They used heavy machines to break down the structure. The reason for the destruction was a discussion about the ownership of the land. The responsible people for this have been captured by police. The damage is totally and irreversible. The age of this historical building was comparable with the pyramids in Egypt and might have been one of the oldest buildings in America.

Pyramid - El Paraiso - Lima - Peru

El Paraiso – Lima – Peru


You can read more in this article of the “Telegraph”: Developers in Peru destroy pyramid at 4,000-year-old archaeological site


4000 years old pyramid destroyed in Peru – pyramid destruction – 2013/07/04

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