Palenque – Temples of the World

Palenque – Temples of the World

Palenque - Temples of the World

Palenque – Temples of the World

Christian Schoen

Christian Schoen is a globetrotter, travel writer and author of the very successful travel guide "The Maya Sites - Hidden Treasures of the Rain Forest". He loves to visit temples, pyramids and any kind of ancient ruins. The SLR in his hand, he can be met on adventurous hiking tours in tropical jungle landscapes - sometimes - or just somewhere in his neighbourhood, the Black Forest Mountains in Germany.

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  1. Jerry Ratliff says:

    I visited Palenque many times in the 1980s. Before you would reach the ruins there was a great place to eat.. Mr Naturals Health Food, Rock music Alacarte. Soom folks from cali enjoyed the local fungi and started cooking great food forvall the visitors that where lucky enough to find them. They had a large room full of records, you could pick your tunes and groove on the food and vibes.The giant Palenque strain of mushrooms are most impressive. Geometric patterns swirling colorful visuals, quite amazing. I awoke early and was picking shrooms on a cloudy morning and met a child who directed me to a huge patch. I picked all I needed, and promptly got turned around. When the haze lifted I was miles away from the ruins in the wrong direction. I had gotten so high just from picking the fungi thru my skin, I got lost. I made my way back to the ruins and had an epiphany. I had planned on selling my harvest to friends but realized that these wonderful mushrooms where meant to be eaten her, and not profited from them. I gave away what I didnt keep thank god because I was searched Quite extensively back in the states. More importantly after my morning in the mist I climbed up the Temple of Inscriptions and started the decent to the tomb. After half way down the light did not continue. I could not see my hand in front of my face, I was so high my heart was beating so fast, I would hold the wall and slide my foot inch by inch. I did not know If it was a bottomless pit or what. After about ten minuets of terror The lights near the bottom where functioning..That is when I came upon the cover of the Mayan astronaut, you know the one where it looks like the Mayan is at the controls of a space capsule. I had seen picture of this in the book Chariot of The Gods but had no idea this was the place it could be seen. Needless to say my mind was blown. I stood an stared for an hour and took in every detail it was amazing. That is just the first few hours of day one. The rest of my story will be written about soon. Jerry Ratliff.\

  2. Hi Jerry, thank you for this impressive story. Many people visit Palenque to get such experiences. Important to say that it can become dangerous too. Getting lost in the jungle could be the last experience the traveler experiences. Unfortunately the chamber was closed due to renovation work when I was there. I am happy if you share more of your story!

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