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Tillandsia - Yaxha

Tillandsia - Yaxha

Hello dear visitor!

This Website was created by me, Christian Schoen. I love to travel, take photos of ancient sites and write about the things I see.

I am the author of “The Maya Sites – Hidden Treasures of the Rain Forest” a small travel guide that is very helpful in case you are planning a trip to the Yucatán peninsula and want to focus on the many amazing  cities of the ancient Mayan civilization.

You can get the book right here:

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My focus is on historical sites of the ancient Maya that are of interest to travelers and tourists.

The majority of the photographs on my website have been taken by me. If this is not the case, you can find a statement below the photo indicating the source.

If you wish to get in touch with me, please follow the contact information provided below.

Facebook Personal Page: Christian Schoen
Facebook Book Page: The Maya Sites – Hidden Treasures of the Rain Forest
Facebook Blog Page: Amazing Temples

Twitter: Christian Schoen
Instagram: Christian Schoen
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If you are looking for my book, you can find it on Amazon, using this link:
The Maya Sites – Hidden Treasures of the Rain Forest

Email: crischo(-a-) (please replace  (-a-)  with  @  )

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