Coba, ruled by women – highest pyramid of Yucatán at the Riviera Maya

Christian Schoen

Christian Schoen is a globetrotter, travel writer and author of the very successful travel guide "Die Ruinenstädte der Maya", published in Germany. He loves to visit temples, pyramids and any kind of ancient ruins. The SLR in his hand, he can be met on adventurous hiking tours in tropical jungle landscapes - sometimes - or just somewhere in his neighbourhood, the Black Forest Mountains in Germany.

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  1. agnesstramp says:

    How come I’ve never heard of this place before? Extremely interesting and so unique. How long did it take you to fully explore it?

    • admin says:

      I did spend a full day and found it was not sufficient. Two days are a good time for all of these sites, because mostly there are several building in huge areas.

  2. Wow, this seems like quite the workout to get to the top! I will absolutely put it on my list for when I get to the Riviera Maya someday:-)

  3. As a woman, I have to say that this makes me smile. We are planning a summer trip to the Yucatán and we are definitely going to have to swing down here so I can show the husband and the kids all about it and of course makes jokes about how I rule the family!

    • Crischo says:

      I see what you mean by ruling the family ;-)

      Just to give you some arguments:
      While I was sitting on the top of the pyramid, a group of old-aged tourists climbed up there, slowly indeed.

      After they reached the top, I heard man said to a woman: “If your husband would really love you, he would have carried you up the stairs.” This made them all laugh, including me…

      Have fun there in Yucatán!


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