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Olmecs - La Venta Museum Park - Villahermosa 2

La Venta Museum Park – Olmecs

This article is about the La Venta Museum Park in Villahermosa. La Venta was one of the main ceremonial centers of the Olmecs who are believed to be the ancestors of the Mayan culture. La Venta itself was...


Yaxchilan – Riverside of the Rio Usumacinta

Yaxchilan is a Maya site in Chiapas in the south of México, located directly at the south bank of the Rio Usumacinta, that is todays natural frontier  between Guatemala and México. The known history shows...

Plantage mit Henneken-Agaven nahe bei Izamal 2

Izamal – Magic City in Yellow Colors

Izamal is one of 35 locations in México, who received the title of a “Magic City” by the Secretary of Tourism in México. These are mainly unknown towns, but also San Cristobal de las...