Tikal – Maya – Temples and Pyramids in the Rainforest of Guatemala

Christian Schoen

Christian Schoen is a globetrotter, travel writer and author of the very successful travel guide "Die Ruinenstädte der Maya", published in Germany. He loves to visit temples, pyramids and any kind of ancient ruins. The SLR in his hand, he can be met on adventurous hiking tours in tropical jungle landscapes - sometimes - or just somewhere in his neighbourhood, the Black Forest Mountains in Germany.

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  1. Tikal was by far the most impressive temple I visited in the Yucatán area – it doesn’t just feel like being a “tidily dug out archeological site presented on a silver platter” for tourists to see. Especially the walking up of the jungle (howler monkeys going nuts) was an awesome experience -> Get there before sunrise! Have to return there someday and visit El Mirador.

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