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Amazing temples and pyramids – Stonehenge – Wiltshire – United Kingdom

Stonehenge might be the most famous Neolithic temple in the world. This amazing monument attracts so many people every year that local authorities had to restrict the access to the site.

It’s no longer possible to walk between the stones. Visitors have to watch the site from a path that leads around the monument of the stone age. It is located in the south-west of England in the county of Wiltshire near the town Amesbury.

New digs in Wiltshire, few miles from Stonhenge, revealed a sensation, as reported by PastHorizons on 16th Oct. 2013:

>>> Wiltshire dig reveals frogs’ legs eaten by British 8,000 years before French


A message from the Stone-Age

The pre-historic stone monument was erected between 2500 BC and 2000 BC.  Radiocarbon dating shows that the earliest phase of  Stonehenge began about 3100 BC. At this time a circular earth bank and a ditch were constructed.

The earliest findings date back to 8000 BC. They  show that the area was used for ceremonial purposes since the Mesolithic times.


The name Stonehenge derives from the two words stone and henge. The latter is believed to mean “hanging” in a terms of “gallows”.

Stones with a weight of 50 tons

The monument shows several concentric circles. Two main circles were build using huge stones.  The outer megalithic stone circle with a diameter of 30 m that consists of large standing stones and lintel stones on top. The standing stones have a height of 4.1 m and weighed around 25 tons each. The second circle has the form of a horse shoe who’s opening points to the north-west. The huge stones of this second circle, ten uprights and five lintels, weigh up to 50 tons each and reach a height of more than 7 m.

Astronomy and Sacrifices

Archaeologists believe that Stonehenge was not only a place of worship, were sacrifices were offered to a god or gods of an unknown religion but in addition a place for astronomical observations with the functionality of a calendar as well.


In todays time, Stonehenge is used for neo-druidic ceremonies.


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