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The Maya Sites – Hidden Treasures of the Rain Forest

What I missed in all my travels through the world of the Maya, was a book that concisely explains how and where the interesting Mayan ruins are located, how to get there, a short guide which otherwise was limited to the description of the Maya sites and lacked the overload of restaurant and hotel descriptions.

Yaxhá – Pyramids, Temples, a Lake and the Jungle

Yaxha in mayan language means blue-green water. It is the Name of an ancient city of the Maya civilization in the low-lands of Guatemala. The site is located in the Guatemalan state Petén. It is just few miles from the border to Belize. The name is spoken like Yash-Ha. The ancient town was build near the Lake Yaxha. It is surrounded by a … Continue reading Yaxhá – Pyramids, Temples, a Lake and the Jungle