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The Maya Sites – Hidden Treasures of the Rain Forest

What I missed in all my travels through the world of the Maya, was a book that concisely explains how and where the interesting Mayan ruins are located, how to get there, a short guide which otherwise was limited to the description of the Maya sites and lacked the overload of restaurant and hotel descriptions.

Yaxchilan – Riverside of the Rio Usumacinta

Yaxchilan is a Maya site in Chiapas in the south of Mexico, located directly at the south bank of the Rio Usumacinta, that is todays natural frontier  between Guatemala and Mexico. The known history shows that Yaxchilan was settled from 359 AC  to ~800 AC. A range from the pre-classic to the classic period. There have been … Continue reading Yaxchilan – Riverside of the Rio Usumacinta