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Stonehenge – Circles of Stone

Amazing temples and pyramids – Stonehenge – Wiltshire – United Kingdom Stonehenge might be the most famous Neolithic temple in the world. This amazing monument attracts so many people every year that local authorities had to restrict the access to the site. It’s no longer possible to walk between the stones. Visitors have to watch the site from a path that … Continue reading Stonehenge – Circles of Stone

Frauenalb – Ruins of a Nunnery – Baden-Wuerttemberg – Germany

A legend that was put down in writing in 1566 tells us the story of Graf Berthold von Eberstein and Graf Albrecht von Zimmern, two german nobles. In the year 1134 Graf von Zimmern was hunting in the forests, where he had a horrifying encounter with a ghost. His hair color turned to white immediately!! Because of this event he promised … Continue reading Frauenalb – Ruins of a Nunnery – Baden-Wuerttemberg – Germany

Yakcheonsa Buddhist Temple – Jeju Island

Yakcheonsa – Buddhist Temple – Jeju-Do Island – South Korea –Temples of the world – points of interest and travel destinations The Yakcheonsa Buddhist temple is quite new, since it was built in 1990. It is located at the southern coast of Jeju Island in the South China Sea, 150km (~200m) south of South Korea and 400km (~500m) west of Japan. It … Continue reading Yakcheonsa Buddhist Temple – Jeju Island